About DHV

As a 3rd generation family business, DHV (De Hantsetters & Verhaere NV), is proud to maintain and continuously enhance its reputation the world over as a company that is "big enough to help, small enough to care".

DHV has been a producer of quality diamonds for the last 70 years. Having established ourselves as De Beers Sightholders in 1969, the 2 founding Partners took the challenging and visionary decision to source their "rough" in diversified ways in 2002.

Today, DHV regularly purchases large volumes of "rough" from all the major mines worldwide. This sourcing strategy allows the company to maintain the necessary stability of rough supply with maximum cost-efficiency.

The current Directors ensure that focused efforts towards the production of quality products offered at truly competitive prices rest on traditions of integrity, reliability and consistency.


DHV has an Intelligent Manufacturing

Whereas some may invest heavily in the advertisement and promotion of their companies and their products and services, we at DHV dedicate our available resources primarily to the intelligent manufacturing of our products.

Whilst others tend to take this area of business for granted, we believe that the skill of extracting the maximum yield of 'polished' from the 'rough' we purchase, is a science that should be treated with the reverence and respect of an Art.

We are therefore passionate in our end-to-end assessment and handling of each stone we produce. As a result of this passion, we spend heavily and pointedly on the most recent manufacturing technologies, and this unwavering commitment to the necessary quality of 'finished product' is what allows DHV to offer you a cost-efficient platform that will serve to bring its customers the maximum yield from their clients, always.