The diamonds

DHV operates several factories:

  • China: 0.10ct to 2cts
  • Belgium: 3cts + , where we have our own in-house factory

We are specialized in the manufacturing of Rounds, full cut to extreme sizes 10ct+ in all colours and clarities to satisfy your regular requirements. Stones 0.30pts+ are also available with Certificates.

Our Sales teams are supported by a systematic and detailed approach to the sorting process that has been perfected over the years, and is really quite unique. Having passed through several 'quality controls' our entire inventory of polished goods is carefully sorted into individual parcels for each colour (D-M), each size (0.10pts. – 2crt), and each clarity (VVS – pique 2).

This means that the uniformity we achieve in the manufacturing of rough is strictly maintained by clear presentation of our large selection of polished to you.

Certificates from all majour labs : GIA, HRD, IGI


DHV runs several huge programs, mainly in 0.50ct till big sizes, IF-VVS-VS goods 3xEX NONE

Big size and special stones

In the big size, exclusive stones, we can offer you important stones:
D-E IF-VVS top make, round and Fancy shapes
Fancy coloured stones in various shapes

The quality of the diamonds and land of origin

Our rough diamonds come primarily from markets in Botswana, Angola, South Africa, Canada and Russia. Of course every DHV diamond meets UN-mandated Kimberley Process standards.

We are specialized in buying high quality raw goods, better colors and better purities, ranging from 3gr up to bigger, exceptional stones. All this mainly for manufacturing purposes.